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Vitrural Last
On the base 3D last, you can set different offset values on the each place to create the new virtual last. It make shoe stlye looks more reality.
  1. Run Rhino function Open (in the Rhino toolbar on the top of viewports), and open example 04_IE3D_ManShoe_Sketch3D.3dm.

  2. Run ImagineElf3D function Open (in the ImagineElf3D toolbar) to enter into ImagineElf3D design environment.

  3. Run ImagineElf3D function Vitural last add .
    3.1 Naming Tongue for new vistural las, because it'll use to create panels for tongue or upper lining.


ImagineElf3D ManShoe-Vitural Last

3.2 Pick options "Add=USec" to add U or V Section (ref. Fig.1)

Note: It needs more than one U sections to restrain deformation of last surface on top or bottom area .
3.3 After picking options "Value" , pick numerical label(ref. Fig.2) and input "3" and then press Ente key/Right mouse button to confirm the offset value.
3.4 Pick options "Preview" to preview result.
3.5 If the result is ok, press Ente key / Right mouse button to exit this function.


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