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ImagineElf 3D





Creating lace .
  1. Run Rhino function Open (in the Rhino toolbar on the top of viewports), and open example 11_IE3D_ManShoe_Accessory.3dm.

  2. Run ImagineElf3D function Open (in the ImagineElf3D toolbar) to enter into ImagineElf3D design environment.

  3. Run ImagineElf3D function Lace new
    3.1 Pick option
    3.2 According to prompt, select inner and outter eyelet on the shoe.

ImagineElf3D ManShoe-LaceCreate_01

3.3 Parameters setting as following, it setting is ok, press Enter key or Right mouse button to compute ane exit this function.

3.4 It is computing result.

  1. Move mouse to and press Right mouse button to run ImaigneElf3D function Lace property.
    4.1 The option BindType set to be parallel and press Enter key to comppute and exit this function.

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