Digital Evolution System




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Purpose Flow Chart / Benefit Function


System Function

6. Sketch contour on cavity mesh, morph core model to fit to contour on xy plane.

Before morph
After morph


7. Generate mean surface for outsole which have lot of wave/pattern...

(1) A lot of pattern on outsole
(2) Extract mesh
(3) Generate mean surface from mesh
(4) Trim


8. Compare sections on scanned mesh and CAD model, deform(compensation) core modle to keep thickness as
same as original design.

(1) Define section, compare deviation
between cavity mesh and CAD model.

(2) Compare deviation on all sections.
(3) Morph CAD model.


9. Z Compare to analyze deformation accuracy

10. Pullback parting surface from CAD to Cavity mesh

11. Upper deformation and Compare (Optional module)