Digital Evolution System






※ 針對複雜鞋底模的各種特殊規格的全尺碼級放
Purpose of GradingElf3

※ 3D full size Grading system for complex sole mold.
※ Control Toe spring/Foot bed thickness/Heel height.
※ Conformal control.
※ Group grading.

※ Control sidewall/outsole thickness.
※ In case of high sidewall/croc shoes , blending sole/last grading rules and keep thickness the same in
aa full size.

※ All in Rhino environment, all attributes( color/layer/group…) keep the same after grading.
※ Digital Evolution System morph mechanism, high performance, high quality.

Conformal control in case of spiked shoes grading
Complex outsole group grading
Components group grading, fix curved groove
Blending sole and last grading, control same thickness in full size