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About EVA injection mold

   EVA material is light and anti-shock. They can produced by injection mold,

 so the mass  production is fast and save material. EVA was widely used as a

 material of midsole in shoe industry.

   The EVA midsole was formed by vesicant, and the expansion rate is non-

 linear. Thus the EVA injection model was scale down by various ratio in

 various area. After injection, it will expand to 1:1 size.

    This process is difficult which need accurately evaluate expansion rates in

  many area and rebuild the scale down CAD model.



DES deformation technology

  Special CAD deformation is important in many industry application , 

especially in shoe industry. And  many deformation application in shoe  

industry are nonuniform and sharp change for Surface model.

  Digital Evolution System (DES)
has develop our deformation technology 

base on  Rhinoceros. It 's somehow like Rhino UDT purpose, but the 

approach  is more focus on nonuniform/sharp deformation.











  -A software for EVA Shrinkage model.
  -Shrink CAD Model according to various expansion rate.
  -Automatic, Fast, Precision, High quality.
  -Rhinoceros plug in