Digital Evolution System

      Digital  Evolution System

Demo license Application
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ImagineElf3D : For 3D Shoe style design
PatternElf : For 3DPanel+2DPattern engineering or pure 2D pattern engineer
ImagineElf : ImagineElf3D+PatternElf+Advance Functions
Butterfly : Design heel, sole, ribbon, flower, bow, fur.. accessory for lady shoes
LastElf : For 3D digital last design, modify,grading, machining.
EvaElf : For EVA Shrinkage model
CastingElf : For sole casting process
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  Phone is nesseary for LastElf, EvaElf and CastingElf
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Operation System
Vista Win7 Win8
Rhino Version
Rhino5(64bit) Rhino5 Evaluation Versions

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